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Henan HDF Chemical Company,Ltd. is established in 2003,it's located in Xuchang, which is called “The Centre of China” in Henan Province. From where the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and Shijiazhuang-Wuhan High Speed Railway artery passes though, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Freeway, Yongdeng Freeway and LanNan Highway have integrated and cohered all around. It‘ s only 40kilometres away from the Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport; its favorable transportation condition has laid a good foundation for enterprise development.
After the market anneal, with the concerted effort of the chairman Hongxia Yu and her group, our company has been a famous industry star in the province. The registered capital of our company is RMB 50 million, which covers an area of 506160 square meters, and has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification. and also, we have been identified as high-tech enterprises by the National Science and Technology Department; We have been prized as “Petroleum and chemical enterprise quality inspection agency A level units” by China Petrochemical Association; and is approved by the state’s fixed-point pesticide production enterprise.
Our company has always absorbed in chemical product, farm chemical intermediate and the production and sale of agrochemicals and pesticides. We regard the development and adhibition of new technology and material; firmly establish people-oriented, good faith first in dangerous thoughts into the pursuit of excellence management idea; we carry out the specialized production quality management development strategy, make the corporate brand value and brand image comprehensively. With almost ten years‘effort, our company now have the product of chloroacetic acid, amino acetic polyphosphate, formaldehyde, phosphate diethyl, amour acetyls, chloride, methane hydrochloric acid etc. medicine pesticide intermediates and glyphosate technical products, Cis-cypermethrin reversed-phased, Beta-cypermethrin reversed-phased thick agent and blends with processing preparation and so on, and we have set production, research, and sales together, and have become a comprehensive chemical production base. Our process scale has leaped into the front ranks, and our products have spread all over the country, which have been sold to Australia, Southeast Asia and so on.
During these years, we are devoting ourselves to develop chemical product, at the same time, we are implementing the multi-areas development strategy actively, developing CCHP, sewage treatment, organic fertilizer, fine flower seedlings cultivation vigorously with investing huge amounts of money, to promote HSE (Health Safety and Environment)integrated management, implement clean production, and gradually form the road of circular economy with agrichemicals products as the core, develop green Industry, to realize High-tech refinement of sustainable development.
Achieve in quality brands, Credibility wins the future, With our best effort on doing everything well, we hope to cooperate closely with the best and suitable capital, technology and marketing team, to create an interest community. We believe that a more vigorous and prosperous industry group with more vitality will stand in China's central.
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